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Inflatable Male Pant Filler Leg Form


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Inflatable Male Pant Filler Leg Form
=  Available in Male or Female
=  Height: 36" waist to ankle 
=  Hanging Loop at top 
=  Waist: 34" 
=  Hip: 38-39"
=  Inseam: 28"

Product Description:  Male pant filler leg form is designed to "fill out" pants on display.  This form has a low cut waist and is cut off at the ankles so that it may remain hidden beneath the pants on display.  This "pant stuffer" is best used as a hanging display and has a loop above the waist for that purpose.  This form may also be displayed upright, upside down or lengthwise when supported by a wall or prop.  Also available:  Female Pant Filler Leg Form
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