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Female Lingerie, Swimsuit Collection


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Female Lingerie, Swimsuit Collection
Female 3/4 Form, Leg Form, and Panty Form
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Female Display Forms work well for display of women's size 5-7 light to medium weight clothing, although they will accommodate larger clothing depending on the style. The 3/4 and panty forms have one 7/8" hole in the base for placement on a tabletop stand, a solid base so that it can stand on its own, and a loop on top for hanging. Tabletop stands add stability and are recommended for high traffic areas and permanent table or floor displays. The use of elevated stands is NOT recommended with the 3/4 form.  Leg form has hanging loop only.

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Battery #10003
Battery #10003
TTS2 - Tabletop Side Support Mannequin Stand
TTS2 - Tabletop Side Support Mannequin Stand
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