Inflatable Mannequins
How does the stand attach to the form?
Torso forms* have two stand receivers in the base of the form, one in the centered position for use with shirts, jackets, dresses, etc. and one offset to the side for use with pants or shorts.  The stand is inserted through the pant or short leg and then attached to the offset receiver.
*Note:  Toddler forms have one stand receiver - center position only.
3/4 Forms have one stand receiver in one of the legs.  This form is best used with tabletop stand TTS2.  If used with an elevated stand, it is necessary to support the leg opposite the leg attached to the stand, otherwise the form will tilt.
Full-Size Forms have a "pocket" in the back of the form to support the form when using a 36" stand and stand adapter.  The stand adapter is included when ordering a full-size form and a stand at the same time.  It is available separately for $2.00 + S&H.  Please call or email to order this item separately.

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