Inflatable Mannequins
How long will they stay inflated?
Inflatable mannequins are designed to stay inflated indefinitely; however, there are several factors that can cause them to soften over time:
1.  Make sure that the inflation valve is closed completely - plunger firmly seated and in recessed position.
2.  Changes in temperature can cause the form to expand and contract, forcing air out.  For example, if the form is placed in a sunny area and heats up, the air inside will expand and possibly escape due to pressure, then the form will soften when the temperature drops at night.  Similarly, if the form is filled inside at 70 degrees and is placed outside overnight at 30 degrees, the air inside will contract and the form will soften.  A constant temperature (+/- 10 degrees) is necessary for best results.
3.  Damage - inflatable mannequins must be cared for properly, with care taken to prevent damage.  Small holes may be repaired with a dab of glue and larger punctures will require a larger patch.
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